CES NEWS: Creative adds speaker to Zen Stone MP3 players

If you want a tiny MP3 player, the Creative Zen Stone and Zen Stone Plus are compact and cute – and now they're available with a built-in speaker on the back, so you can listen to them without headphones (and really annoy fellow travellers!).

Just unveiled at CES, the new Zen Stone is available in 1GB and 2GB versions, while the Zen Stone Plus comes in 2GB and 4GB models.

The Stone Plus also has FM radio, voice recording, a clock/stopwatch and customisable equalizer settings. Both models support MP3, WMA and Audible files, while the Zen Stone Plus also handles unprotected AAC files (including iTunes Plus).

All models are available in black, dark blue, pink or champagne. A translucent silicon skin with a clip is included as standard, while a sporty armband and tiny case on a key-chain are optional.

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Andy Clough

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