CES 2012: LG goes 3D for sound as well as vision

Only a few days to go before CES 2012 opens, and while our 'away team' is still ironing its shirts and checking its communicators, LG has revealed more details of products it expects to grab attention in Las Vegas next week. Not surprisingly, they're all about 3D - but this time it's sound as well as vision.

The company is launching four new home cinema systems at the show, and they all have its 3D sound technology, designed for better integration of sound effects with the on-screen stereoscopic action.

It's all part of LG's aim to take leadership of the 3D market sector, and the four models will be rolled out alongside new TV models such as LG's 55in OLED display and 84in LED Ultra Definition set during the course of 2012.

Havis Kwon, the boss of LG's Home Entertainment Company, says that 'Whether it’s TVs or audio systems, LG continues to offer the most immersive 3D home entertainment experience possible.

'Our CINEMA 3D Smart TVs will now be accompanied by a wider variety of CINEMA 3D SOUND HOME THEATER products that offer consumers a complete 3D experience and further strengthen LG’s leadership in 3D.'

First out of the blocks will be the BH9420PW, which has LG's 3D Sound Zooming technology, designed to synchronise the sound with the location and movement of objects on the screen of one of the company's Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

The company says that the system 'plunges the viewer into the middle of the action, as the events that unfold on their 3D TVs immerse and surround the viewers as both images and sound in real 3D'.

It does this by 'generating variety of depth in sound based on a complex algorithm that analyses the varying depth of numerous on-screen objects displayed on the 3D TV.'

The 9.1-channel sound system adds to the conventional 5.1 layout four 'Upright 3D Speakers', seen in the foreground above. Each is fitted with a 360-degree reflector to 'pump sound upward, ensuring that the vertical space is completely filled with sound.'

Sound Field Expansion is used to expand the horizontal sound field, as well as extending the ideal listening 'sweet spot' to more viewers.

The system, which also has onboard Smart TV functionality, will be on sale in the US in March – we'll be finding out more about UK availability next week.

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