No date yet for Google TV's UK launch - but Logitech promises its Revue set-top box will be ready (and improved) when it does

As reports predicted pre-Christmas, Google TV is proving low-profile here in CES, but Logitech is certainly ramping up for the online TV service to launch in the UK.

Arial Fischer, Logitech's director of business development, says thanks to our love of BBC iPlayer and other catch-up TV services, the UK is a key strategic market for Google TV and its associated products - including Logitech's own Revue set-top box, which enables any TV to access the online offering.

However, he was unable to confirm any date for a UK launch, which will need to follow Google optimising the service to deliver UK content.

But, he says: "in the meantime, the Revue will just get better – without having to do anything, users get an upgrade. Search gets better; new content added. Even if the hardware ends up being same when we launch in the UK, the product's capabiltiies will have evolved."

As well as firmware updates to the Revue, there will be updates to the Logitech Harmony-inspiried Revue Smartphone Apps.

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Fischer continues:  "There is Harmony technology within the Revue – which is one of the things that makes the Revue different. For example, a search overlay box on your TV picture [search web while still watching TV in background]. The technology knows the exact brand of TV and set-top box you have and interacts accordingly."

He would not confirm how many Revue boxes have been sold in the US, but said Logitech was 'very pleased' with sales so far.

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