LG's eco-friendly 2009 TV line-up to feature a wide range of wireless, 3D, LED backlight and 200Hz technologies

Slimmer, more energy-efficient sets featuring wireless HDMI connectivity, LED backlighting and 200Hz motion-smoothing technology are at the core of LG's TV product plans.

LCD, plasma and projectors will feature in its 2009 display line-up, with further pledges of improved picture quality and even 3D support.

Advanced LED backlightingLG has developed an improved LED backlight system for use in its top-end models, designated the LHX and LH90 (pictured) in the States. This uses a new thin lens system to amplify the light while increasing its quality, according to the company.

It says this is a step up from the conventional LED backlight it used in its high-end 2008 range. This will allow LCDs of up to 55in to be a mere 24mm thick and offer a claimed 2,000.000:1 contrast ratio.

And the old rivalry between LG and Korean competitor Samsung is maintained. In what is clearly a tweak of Samsung's tail, LG says that "Unlike other slim LEDs which use 'edge' lighting, the new LED LCD HDTV series use a full array of LED Backlights which employ local dimming techniques for precise picture control, resulting in deeper black levels, wide color gamut and smoother motion."

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In what we expect to be a familiar claim, LG says its LCD TVs will also have the world's lowest energy consumption.

200Hz for smoother motionAlso new for 2009 is TruMotion 200Hz (240Hz in US) – 200Hz picture processing, as featured on Sony's existing Z series sets. The motion-smoothing system should feature on a range of its TVs, LG says.

Wireless and 3D, tooWireless support, featured on the range-topping 55in Model LHX, will comply to the Wireless HDMI standard. it will be built into TVs and projectors, and offer a 3Gbps data rate - allowing for the transmission of uncompressed 1080p and HD audio from similarly equipped Blu-ray players and HDTV set-top boxes. 

LG is also developing a 3D chipset that'll be built into its LCD, plasma and projector ranges.

More details to follow, including early indications of UK model numbers, pricing and availability.