Logitech Harmony 1100
New all-in-one handset offers completely redesigned software and much more user-customisation

We really rate the Harmony 1000 universal remote control from Logitech, but now the company is raising its game with the new Harmony 1100, due in the shops next month.

The new model features completely redesigned software, and a 3.5in QVGA screen, and allows the user to select the operations used most in any mode, and put those on the screen.

As an example, the company says that "If you love to watch movies, and are always using the Play and Pause buttons, you can tell the Harmony 1100 to make those commands immediately available on the screen once you start your movie."

The 1100 also has a number of new features designed to make it simpler to use, such as 'tactile guides' to guide your fingers to the right commands.

As well as handling infrared commands, also has full RF capability, and can be used with an optional RF extender to control equipment hidden in cupboards or even in another room.

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It also has the familiar Harmony one-touch commands - just choose Watch DVD, for example, and it turns on and sets up all the equipment required.

A wizard-based programming procedure uses a database of over 225,000 devices from more that 5000 manufacturers, allowing the remote to be set up using a home computer.

Powered by rechargable batteries, it should be on sale in the US and Europe from next month, and is expected to sell for $500 in the States.