CEDIA SHOW 2011: SIM2 launches its first one-box 3D projector

SIM2 Lumis 3D-S

Update 28.06.11

We first received details of SIM2's £30k Lumis 3D-S projector at the beginning of this month (see story below), but now we've seen it in action for the first time at the CEDIA Show 2011.

The company chose two notoriously complex film sequences to demo the projector's claimed lack of crosstalk and superior motion handling, attributed to its advanced triple-flash technology.

First up was the 'lantern sequence' from the 3D Blu-ray of Tangled, followed by the bike chase in TRON: Legacy, also in 3D.

Many 3D TVs and projectors struggle with both clips, but the SIM2 Lumis 3D-S showed no such issues.

We'll reserve our full judgement for a proper review in our own test rooms, but from what we've seen so far the Lumis 3D-S doesn't disappoint.

Published 01.0.11

SIM2 has released its first compact, one-box 3D projector, the £29,995 Lumis 3D-S.

"It harnesses the brightness and speed of three-chip DLP projection in the compact Lumis chassis," says SIM2.

The Lumis 3D-S is said to be the first consumer projector to use triple-flash technology in conjunction with the active-shutter 3D system.

Triple flash was originally developed for use in commercial 3D cinemas, in an effort to eliminate the flicker and ghosting normally associated with active-shutter 3D, while giving smoother motion.

When used with 24fps (frames per second) film, triple flash presents each eye with three 'flashes' of each frame, giving an overall frame rate of 144fps.

The result, it is claimed, is a reduction in fatigue and nausea when viewing 3D material.

Three-chip DLP technology helps deliver brighter and punchier images, particularly with 3D, and by using single projector architecture the Lumis 3D-S doesn't need the maintenance and regular calibration that high-end dual projector systems require.

Additional features include three lens options with a throw range of 1.37-3.9:1, vertical lens shift and and enhanced version of Live Colours Calibration software.

The SIM2 Lumis 3D-S will be available in UK dealers from this month, and will ship with two pairs of XpanD active 3D glasses.

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