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CEDIA NEWS: PSB takes the wraps off seven-model Synchrony range

Canadian speaker company PSB has introduced a seven-model line-up for its new Synchrony range.

Although the emphasis of the design is on music reproduction, there are also two centre channel models and a tri-mode rear speaker in the range so customers can create a full surround sound system if they wish.

For stereo hi-fi duties there are two floorstanders and two bookshelf designs.

All models have extruded aluminium corners and tapered rear panels, combined with seven-laminate, wood composite curved side panels to form extremely stiff enclosures.

Titanium-dome tweeters are used throughout, in combination with 5.25 or 6.5in woofers, plus a 4in midrange unit on the Synchrony One.

The full line-up is as follows:

  • Synchrony One floorstander $4500/pr
  • Synchrony Two floorstander $3000
  • Synchrony One B bookshelf (6.5in) $2000
  • Synchrony Two B bookshelf (5.25in) $1500
  • Synchrony C One C centre $2000
  • Synchrony Two C centre $1300
  • Synchrony S (Tri-mode surround) $2000