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CEDIA NEWS: LG launches advanced Blu-ray/HD DVD dual-format high-def player

LG Electronics has revealed further details of its new high-definition, dual-format disc player, the $999 Super Blu BH200.

The BH200 can output up to 1080p video resolution at 24-, 30- and 60-frames-per-second, and supports various AV formats, including MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264 video, MPEG1/2 audio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, DTS and DTS-HD audio.

The unit also includes multiple inputs/outputs such as HDMI 1.3 out, component/composite video outputs, digital optical and analogue audio outputs as well as a LAN Ethernet port for network interactivity.

Viewers can also enjoy advanced options such as "Picture-in-Picture", now available from many Blu-ray discs, as well as HDi web-connected interactivity available from many HD DVDs.

Access to these features enables viewing of storyboards, production videos and director's commentary as the movie is playing, as well as accessing up-to-date information. The Super Blu Player also accepts additional entertainment content via a network connection.

LG claims the new Super Blu player can play "50 to 60 per cent more high-definition movie discs than any single-format player".

Mark Horak, executive vice president for Warner Home Video, the only major studio supporting both the HD DVD and Blu-ray disc formats, says: "The availability of movie titles on competing high-def disc formats is a challenge for both retailers and consumers.

The introduction of the second-generation LG Super Blu Player addresses this challenge by fully enabling both high-def formats on one convenient player, encouraging the adoption of next-generation disc technology and growing the market."

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