CEDIA NEWS: JBL's Control Now speakers can be used indoors or out

JBL Control Now

They can be used in a variety of configurations and can be placed on stands, shelves, hung from the ceiling or wall-mounted on brackets.

The drivers are mounted behind a curved quarter-round front section, and the rear of the enclosure has three angled sections that enable the speakers to be corner mounted between a ceiling and a wall, or between two walls.

Four speakers can be combined to create a circle, as shown in the picture, and can be configured for either single-channel or single-point stereo use.

The tweeter is complemented by two 4in woofers that incoprorate dual neodymium-boron-iron magnets, which completely surround the voice coil. The enclosures and baffles are made from a thermoplastic-composite material containing glass and mineral fill, to provide high rigidity and damping.

Two versions are available: the JBL Control Now in black, for indoor use, and the white JBL Control Now AW for use outdoors in gardens or on decks and patios.