CEDIA NEWS: B&W upgrades design of XT4 and CM series speakers

Here at CEDIA Expo the new shiny black CM speakers (pictured) are on show. They cost the same as other finishes in the range, so that's £1000 for the CM7, £500 for the CMC centre speaker and £500 for the CM2. There's also a new compact subwoofer.

For those who want a high-quality in-wall speaker, B&W has developed a custom install version of the 800D model, called the CT8LR. They'll set you back a cool £10,250 each.

If that's a bit outside your price range, there's the slightly smaller CT8.4, a new addition to the CT800 range, a mere snip at £2750. They can be used as front left and right, centre or rear speakers to make up a complete 5.1 system.

There's also a new design for the XT4 floorstanders on display here at the show, but it's only a prototype and the real one won't be available until next year. B&W is keeping tight-lipped about the changes in store.