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The BBC, with government backing, is planning to close an existing loophole which currently allows viewers to use BBC iPlayer for catch-up TV without the need for a television licence...

The Chancellor, George Osborne, has asked the BBC to foot a £650m bill for free TV licences for over-75s, and it is believed that the move to charge a licence fee for catch-up TV would go some way to recouping this shortfall. 

Culture Secretary John Whitttingdale has indicated he would speed up the delivery of any legislation to allow the BBC to charge people for using iPlayer on devices other than televisions, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

According to The Independent, the plan is expected to be phased in from 2017, but how the BBC plans to enforce such a move remains to be seen.

What do we think? More and more of us are watching catch-up TV as opposed to live, so this move probably makes sense. But let us know your thoughts on the subject with a comment below.

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dvdjames's picture

As it should always have been

Glad to hear this is happening, I don't see why license fee payers should support those who aren't paying.

AlexAtkinUK's picture

Catching up on BBC iPlayer will soon require a TV license!

I have corrected the headline for you, because there is no "could" it "WILL" require a TV license.

Now if there is any way they can actually enforce this is another question.  But as dvdjames says, its only fair that people to pay for the content they are watching.  The loophole never made any sense.

Andy Clough's picture

iPlayer license

Well strictly speaking it's not a done deal yet, the BBC has to get such a move formally approved.