Cabasse teams up with BMW for 5 Series Gran Turismo launch

Cabasse La Sphere

It will showcase its flagship La Sphère speakers, plus the Baltic Evolution and new £9000 Riga speakers, at BMW's flagship Park Lane dealership in London.

Cabasse's leading UK dealer, Coherent Systems, has organised the event. "We are very excited by the partnership with BMW that Coherent Systems has organised," says Cabasse general manager Guy Bourreau.

"There is a parallel between Cabasse's uncompromising approach to loudspeaker design and the design philosophy of BMW. We feel sure that BMW customers will really appreciate the aesthetic and acoustic beauty of our products."

French designer and architect Sylvain Dubuisson helped create Cabasse's La Sphère speaker. The 70cm spherical enclosure, manufactured from a sandwich of composite materials, is coupled to the helical die-cast aluminium stand, which positions the centre of the speaker at just the right height for listening.

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