Cabasse is targeting the high-end, luxury speaker market with a range of new models coming to the UK in 2009

French speaker specialist Cabasse is planning a major assault on the UK market in 2009 and is developing a new range of speakers for the "high-end, luxury market".

Cabasse, founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, is now owned by Japan's Canon Inc., and has a team of 35 engineers working within its R&D department at its Brest HQ.

As our picture of the Baltic Evolution model shows, the firm is certainly intent on bringing innovative design to the speaker market, and the proprietary Spacially Coherent System (SCS) technology found in many of its speakers is the result of many years research into the importance of point source reproduction from the drive units. 

The coaxial and triaxial drive units used across the range provide an enlarged sweet spot, says Cabasse.

To help its expansion in to the UK, Cabasse has appointed Red Sheep Communications to handle UK PR and marketing.