The LinkStation Pro and TeraStation Duo join Buffalo Technology's range of network attached storage devices

Buffalo Technology, market-leading purveyors of hard-disk based storage products, has just announced two new additions to its NAS range.

The first is the LinkStation Pro (right), a 1TB, 1.5TB or 2TB, single-disk device. As is usual, you plug it into your broadband router via Ethernet in order to share music, movies and documents with every computer and streamer in your house.

The LinkStation Pro has a DLNA media server, allowing you to stream media directly to compatible devices like PlayStation3 or Sonos, as well as WebAccess, which lets you get at your NAS's contents wherever you've got an internet connection.

Full iTunes compatibility and a built-in BitTorrent client is included, and there's a USB socket on the back for printer sharing or backup to a standard USB hard drive.

The claimed transfer rate for the LinkStation Pro is an impressive-sounding 66MB/s, and prices are £189 for 1TB, £229 for 1.5TB, and £349 for 2TB.

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Next up from Buffalo is the TeraStation Duo, which effectively looks like a squatter version of the TeraStation Live and newer Terastation III.

This is a twin-disk device with RAID 1, which means one disk can be set to backup the other, ensuring your data remains safe.

This is perhaps considered more of a small business product, but thanks to its DLNA compatibility, BitTorrent client, twin USB sockets and 65MB/s data transfer rate, will likely still appeal to consumers looking for extra safe storage.

The TeraStation Duo will set you back £459 for 1TB, or £569 for 2TB.