Waterfall Audio Niagara
Glass speakers are rare indeed, and these new Niagara floorstanders certainly stand out from the crowd. A pair will set you back £25,000

These rather gorgeous looking speakers caught our eye as we were wandering round the show this morning.

It's taken three years of research and development for Waterfall Audio in France to create its new Niagara speakers, but they're finally making their debut here at the Bristol Show.

Distributed in the UK by Invision, the Niagara is made from three quarter inch thick Diamond glass, stands nearly 4 feet high and a pair sells for a cool £25,000.

If that's a bit outside your budget, Waterfall Audio has also updated its eight-year-old Hurricane satellite speaker, which costs £355 and is available in three aluminium body colours: black, white and silver.

More details on both models in our earlier news story.