BRISTOL SHOW: Meridian unveils £8k Signature Reference CD player

As well as our own 'future of entertainment' demo showcasing the latest in hard-disk based high-definition audio and video technology, there's a host of exclusive product launches at the show.

Meridian has a world first with the public unveiling of its £8000 808.2 Signature Reference CD player (above), connected via CAT-5 to its brand-new £17,500 DSP7200 loudspeakers.

Meridian's new DSP7200 speakers

The 808.2 has improved clocking and buffering systems to reduce coloration-inducing time-base errors or "jitter' to very low levels, and an improved analogue section.

It also has a new digital filter developed by Meridian's research team, and the player is the first source component to feature Meridian's new RJ45-based digital interface system dubbed Speaker Link, allowing a direct single-cable link from the player to any of Meridian's DSP loudspeakers.

Other technical highlights include a ROM optical-drive mechanism, and Meridian's proprietary Resolution Enhancement System, which upsamples 44.1/16-bit CD data to 176.4/24-bit with 48-bit internal precision.

The company is also previewing a whole host of new G-Series products at Bristol, including G08.2, G92 and G96, along with the G61R surround controller with (for the first time) Meridian Room Correction.

Meridian can be found in the Madrid Suite 1 and 2.

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