Rega has provided Bristol Show 2015 attendees with an exclusive first look at its new RX loudspeaker range, which is due to hit UK shelves this summer.

The three-strong range comprises the RX One bookshelfs and RX Three and larger RX Five floorstanders, all of which have paper cones and silk-dome tweeters. The front-ported floorstander models feature an unusual side-firing 18cm bass driver, which Rega says makes them versatile when it comes to positioning.

The speakers are also "50 per cent heavier than the previous generation of Rega speakers for improved solidity", while featuring a new driver coating for improved sound. Aesthetic changes include new feet and flushed speaker grilles.

Rega is yet to confirm prices for the RX loudspeaker range, but have told us to expect price tags weighing in at around £800 for the RX One, and £1200 and £1700 for the RX Three and RX Five respectively.

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Al ears's picture


18inch bass driver, are you sure?
That's huge and the one in the RX3 certainly isn't.

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Bass driver

18cm. Corrected.

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Hi! has anyone tested the

Hi! has anyone tested the Rega RX-1? PLease a review!!!