The One from Audience
No, TheONE is nothing to do with the Matrix films – it's a dinky new speaker from US hi-fi specialist Audience

Audience is a US-based hi-fi company selling speakers, electronics and cables, and distributor Air Audio is bringing the somewhat dramatically named 'TheONE' – part of the ClairAudient speaker range – to the UK market.

It's a diminutive design, measuring just 16x14x16cm, but Audience says it's not just a 'style speaker'. 

At its heart is an A3 full-range driver, featuring a 7.5cm coned speaker with a 'flat response from 40Hz up to 22kHz', the company claims.

It's designed for use with amplifiers up to 100W, and while it's ideal for use with a computer-based music system or second-room set-up, it's also good enough to use as part of your main hi-fi, says Audience.

Air Audio will demo TheONE alongside its bigger brother, the new stand-mounted ClairAudient 2+2, at the Bristol Show 2011. There will be "generous discounts" on all products bought at the show.

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