BRISTOL SHOW 2010: beChocolate hi-fi range arrives from Belgium

beChocolate Puroh

The Puroh is a one-box system designed to replace a stack of separates. Underneath the high-gloss red, black or cream lacquer exterior sits a CD/SACD/DVD player, 60W or 120W Class AB amplifier, FM radio and internet radio.

The casing is made of 5mm aluminium, bent to its actual form, welded and sanded completely by hand. It's then hand-finished with six layers of a luxurious lacquer, in three colour options – Ferrari red, Mercedes black and a 1970s Fiat cream white.

The unit is equipped with wi-fi, UPnP (universal plug and play) support, is DLNA and Windows 7 compliant and has USB socket for playback of digital media. It also has an MM/MC phono stage.

Mind you, it's not exactly cheap. There are four versions of the Puroh available with the 60W amp, and three with the bigger 120W version:

Stereo all-in-one: £6940 (60W), £7391 (120W)

Movie 2.0 All-in-One: £7242 (60W), £7692 (120W)

Movie 3.1 All-in-One: £8517 (60W), £8969 (120W)

Movie 5.1 All-in-One: £10,128 (60W), n/a 120W

BeChocolate was set up by the Verellen family in Mechelen, Belgium. You'll be able to see the Puroh at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show, running at the Marriott Hotel from February 26th-28th 2010.

Full details on the Bristol Show website.

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