Boston Acoustics replaces TVee Model 20 soundbar with Model 25

Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25

Boston Acoustics is replacing its TVee Model 20 soundbar with a new version, the Model 25, at exactly the same price of £299.99.

The Model 25 has a wireless subwoofer and Digitally Optimised Virtual Surround processing to immerse the listener in "theatre-like surround effects".

With a total system power of 150W (up from 100W on its predecessor), the Model 25 can decode Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks and has special music and movie modes to suit the material being watched or listened to.

It uses Boston Acoustics' low distortion, wide bandwidth HHRT (Hyperbolic High Rigidity Transducer) driver technology, combined with light, rigid speaker cones, to help reduce distortion and widen the sweet spot.

The wireless subwoofer has a 6in downward-firing driver, there's a learning remote control as standard and a choice of analogue and digital connections.

A special 'placement EQ switch' maximises performance depending on whether the soundbar is placed in a cabinet or mounted on a wall.

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