Boston Acoustics VS
You can have Boston Acoustics' new VS range of hi-fi/home cinema speakers in a choice of many colours and finishes

If you're looking for some snazzily coloured speakers for your lounge, check out the new VS series forom Boston Acoustics.

They're available in red, white or black gloss cabinets with a choice of cherry, maple, silver, red, ebony or black top and bottom panels.

But behind the brash new look is some serious engineering. The 'wave-like' curved surfaces of the speaker cabinet are designed to reduce internal standing waves and panel resonances to deliver superior sound quality to that of a conventional 'box' speaker design, says Boston.

All speakers in the range incorporate a proprietary Super Wide Bandwidth (SWB) tweeter with a Coupled Dual Concentric Diaphragm (CDCD). This is claimed to minimise phase shift and distortion while improving sonic motion, so producing clearer sound at high frequencies.

The VS series also uses a new organic composite cone material with aluminium cast baskets and rubber surrounds. Gold plating on the binding posts complete the spec.

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The full range comprises:

VS336 three-way floorstander 3 from £2499 (depending on finish)

VS240 two-way bookshelf from £599

VS260 two-way bookshelf with 6.5in drivers from £1199

VS325C centre channel from £649

VPS210 Class-D 500W subwoofer from £1199

The full range will be available in the UK from December.




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