Boston Acoustics offers VS speakers in a choice of many colours

Boston Acoustics VS

They're available in red, white or black gloss cabinets with a choice of cherry, maple, silver, red, ebony or black top and bottom panels.

But behind the brash new look is some serious engineering. The 'wave-like' curved surfaces of the speaker cabinet are designed to reduce internal standing waves and panel resonances to deliver superior sound quality to that of a conventional 'box' speaker design, says Boston.

All speakers in the range incorporate a proprietary Super Wide Bandwidth (SWB) tweeter with a Coupled Dual Concentric Diaphragm (CDCD). This is claimed to minimise phase shift and distortion while improving sonic motion, so producing clearer sound at high frequencies.

The VS series also uses a new organic composite cone material with aluminium cast baskets and rubber surrounds. Gold plating on the binding posts complete the spec.

The full range comprises:

VS336 three-way floorstander 3 from £2499 (depending on finish)

VS240 two-way bookshelf from £599

VS260 two-way bookshelf with 6.5in drivers from £1199

VS325C centre channel from £649

VPS210 Class-D 500W subwoofer from £1199

The full range will be available in the UK from December.