Bose QC45 noise-cancelling headphones get new personalisation features

Bose QC45 noise-cancelling headphones get new personalisation features
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One of Bose's best noise-cancelling headphones just got better. The EQ of the Bose QuietComfort 45 (or QC45 for short) can now be adjusted to allow users to personalise performance according to their preference. Want more bass? Make it so. Maybe your podcast could do with a vocal (midrange) boost? Not a problem.

Thanks to the latest firmware update for the QC45 (which also makes it easier to pair the headphones with Windows PCs), owners can play with the equaliser to their heart's content or pick one of Bose's own presets – like bass boost or treble reducer.

While plenty of headphones have this feature out of the box, QC45 owners have had to wait almost a year and a half since the headphones' launched.

To perform the update, you'll need the Bose Music app downloaded on your mobile device. Head to the app's QC45 control screen, tap 'install update' and follow the instructions from there.

The Bose QC45 earned four out of five stars in our review. We praised their excellent active noise cancellation – one of Bose's core strengths in the headphone market – but found that they could be beaten sound quality, namely by the Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose's own Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Still, this firmware upgrade makes the QC45 a more compelling purchase.


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  • bemaniac
    Just sold the NC700s which are inferior in bass and comfort and controls to the QC45. QC45 are the premium line and Nc700 are the cheaper headphone really if you check sealed ones on ebay. Nc700 £150 sealed QC45 £220 sealed. Major issues controlling modes and tracks with the Nc700 touch controls but I find buttons possible to realistically use on the QC45. Almost as good as my plantronics backbeat pro2 for electronic music and hip hop. (those were £45 on ebay and pause when you take them off and have aptx and look better which bose don't do weirdly)
  • bemaniac
    If the jabra 85h sounded like the bose or the backbeats pro2 then it would win but sound is a distant 3rd place on those.