Bose puts the home cinema into the TV with the £6000 VideoWave

Bose VideoWave

Essentially this is a 46in LCD TV with a home cinema amplifier and speakers built right into the chassis. Simply feed your source into the external head unit, and the audio and video signals are then sent to the display device.

The sound is produced by a complicated arrangement of drivers. Bass comes from six woofers that are fed by a new version of Bose's waveguide device, an array of seven, smaller, carefully placed drivers create the mid-range, while an intriguing PhaseGuide unit handles treble.

This combination of drivers creates a virtual surround experience that's tailored to your room using the ADAPTiQ auto calibration system.

Bose has also come up with an entirely new type of remote: the 'click pad'.

Rather than bombard you with buttons, the click pad has a touch-sensitive area that brings all relevant controls up on the screen as a frame around whatever you're watching. You then simply run your finger to the one you want and push down to activate it.

The Bose VideoWave will cost £6000 when it goes on sale in October.

Stay tuned to our blogs section for a hands-on preview coming soon.

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