BMW iX is the first electric car to use Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Dome tweeters

BMW iX is the first electric car with B&W's Diamond Dome tweeters
(Image credit: BMW)

This hot rod is the BMW iX, the first fully electric car to feature B&W's Diamond Dome tweeters. This is quite a big deal – these tweeters are also found in B&W's brand new 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers, the flagship speakers found in legendary recording studio Abbey Road.

The same B&W Diamond Surround Sound System was originally found in the BMW 7-Series, and later the 5-Series, but the iX is the first fully electric model to feature it.

B&W claims the iX has the most advanced sound quality ever found in a car. Rather than just dropping its speakers into the car, the company has worked closely with BMW's engineers to try and create an audio experience that sounds as though you are in the studio with the musician. 

The Diamond Dome tweeters are exceptionally accurate, low-distortion tweeters, whose spiral channels dissipate reflected soundwaves and limit distortion. They sit behind brushed stainless steel covers, while the door speakers are hidden behind acoustically optimised fabric.

BMW iX is the first electric car with B&W's Diamond Dome tweeters

(Image credit: BMW)

In all, the cabin contains two Diamond Dome tweeters, three Aluminium Dome tweeters and five Aramid Fibre midrange speakers, with another eight speakers built into the front and rear headrests. These headrest speakers can be adjusted to create personalised audio for each passenger.

Four bass speakers are joined by '4D Shakers' that claim to produce rich bass even at low volumes. It's the first time such speakers have been included in any BMW.

And if bass isn't your thing? Don't worry, there are four different sound modes to choose from, depending on your sonic preference.

The iX comes in two models: the BMW iX xDrive40 and the BMW iX xDrive50, with prices starting at £69,905 / AU$135,900. See the BMW website for more.


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    So I can tell my wife I'm just popping out to buy a pair of speakers and come back with a new car. Sounds a plan!
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    Another new BMW that's had a good pasting from the ugly stick...
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    But we’re still waiting for the Audi Sonos to be tested?????