Of course you want a new TV - we all do. And of course you want a smart, 4K HDR TV and maybe OLED as well. Here are some deals to tempt you...

Everyone wants to get a good deal on tech, and there's no shortage of compelling TV bargains to be had right now. From Full HD to 4K Ultra HD, LCD and LED to OLED, there should be something for everyone here - the whole range of screen sizes and prices are covered. 

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Best OLED TV deals


Original price £6000 / Now £3699 at Crampton and Moore - saving over £2300

Save a bundle on this top-of-the-range 4K OLED TV from LG.

LG OLED65G6V review



Original price £5000 / Now £3099 at RLR Distribution - saving over £1900

Five-star 4K OLED with a saving of more than £1700.

LG OLED65E6V review



Tested at £3000 / Now £1699 at Currys PC World - saving £1300

Yet another impressive 4K OLED telly from LG, now with an impressive saving to match.

LG OLED55C6V review



Original price £2700 / Now £1499 at Groupon - saving over £1200

One of the most affordable OLED TVs you can buy, now available with a saving of more than a grand.

LG OLED55B6V review

Best 4K TV deals above 60in

Samsung UE65KS9500 4K TV

Tested at £3500 / Now £2499 at Hughes - saving over £1000

Save a fortune on this big-screen curved TV that delivers five-star picture and sound.

Samsung UE65KS9500 review


Samsung UE65KS9000

Original price £2900 / Now £1699 at PRC Direct - saving over £1200

There's £1100 off this Award-winning Samsung 65in TV.

Samsung UE65KS9000 review


Panasonic TX-65DX902B

Tested at £3200 / Now £1999 at John Lewis and Hughes - saving over £1200

With lovely contrast and lush colours, Panasonic’s 2016 flagship is stunning. 

Panasonic TX-65DX902B review


Panasonic TX-65DX750 4K TV

Tested at £2000 / Now £1239 at various retailers - saving over £700

This entry-level HDR set is packed with high-end features.

Panasonic TX-65DX750 review


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Best 4K TV deals 50in to 60in

Sony KD55XD9305 4K TV

Original price £2000 / Now £1199 at Sevenoaks - saving over £800

This 4K Ultra HD TV from Sony has over £800 off the asking price.

Sony KD55XD9305 review


Samsung UE55KS9000

Original price £2000 / Now £1149 at Hughes - saving over £850

Save over £700 on this five-star 4K TV.

Samsung UE55KS9000 review


Samsung UE55KS7000 4K TV

Tested at £1400 / Now £1159 at Amazon - saving over £240

Save a bundle on this sensational five-star, Award-winning Samsung.

Samsung UE55KS7000 review


Philips 55PUS7181 4K TV

Tested at £1100 / Now £999 at AO - saving over £100

With 4K, HDR and Ambilight, this is a lot of telly for under a grand.

Philips 55PUS7181 review


Panasonic TX-50DX700B 4K TV

Original price £1000 / Now £579 at various retailers - saving over £420

A cracking Panny set at almost half price.

Panasonic TX-50DX700B review


Best 4K TV deals 40in to 50in

Samsung UE49KS8000 4K TV

Tested at £1400 / Now £979 at various retailers - saving over £420

If you don't want a curved TV, the UE49KS8000 is by far the best flatscreen Samsung TV we’ve seen this year.

Samsung UE49KS8000 review


Finlux 48UXE304B-P 4K TV

Tested at £500 / Now £399 at Finlux - saving over £200

A good budget 4K TV complete with Netflix, iPlayer and impressive handling of fast motion.

Finlux 48UXE304B-P review


Samsung UE43KS7500 4K TV

Original price £800 / Now £679 at Hughes - saving over £120

An excellent all rounder and a fantastic 4K option for those who prefer a smaller screen.

Samsung UE43KS7500 review


Panasonic TX-40DX600B 4K TV

Tested at £500 / Now £379 at Argos - saving over £120

Save on our favourite 4K TV under £500, now with a £100 reduction.

Panasonic TX-40DX600B review

Best HD TV deals

Panasonic TX-40DX600B

Tested at £500 / Now £379 at Argos - saving over £120

Ideal for those with limited space, this affordable 40in TV offers an appealing experience.

Panasonic TX-40DX600B review


Sony KDL-32WD603

Tested at £300 / Now £268 at eBuyer - saving over £30

If you’re looking for a small TV on a budget – this is the one.

Sony KDL-32WD603 review


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TheOne's picture

Best time?

Is this the best time to buy a TV?  Wouldn't end of Feb/ beginning of March be better with the new TV's coming out?  Can imagine most if not all the prices above would drop considerably?  Just a thought! Mail 1

Alantiggger's picture

Wait ?

If I were you then yes.

Lots of TV's will as per usual drop in price...... inc 4k ones too  Smile

What with the march of New Tech, bargains will be had from here on in, imo.

I imagine that OLED will be the TV of the near future.

zoz1234's picture

Entering the 4K market

I'm going to buy a 4K tv for the first time this year, but won't be doing so until the premium sets are available.
My current Sony 1080p set is on it's last legs being one of the first models released by the brand.

Simon Purcell's picture

Some deals are not as good as they look

While John Lewis may be offering Sony's 2015 top of the range 75 inch at a £1,000 saving this only brings it down to the price of this years model which has HDR and losses the speakers on the side which made it so unmanageable. The 75 inch 2016 model is also full back lite and has had very good reviews. The price needs to fall to at least £4,000 for the 2015 model for this to be a good deal. 

whatifwindows's picture

I'm planning to get LG's 4K

I'm planning to get LG's 4K version. Is this the good time to buy a TV with a good deal, or is it the holidays?

Martin Jukes's picture


The panasonic TX-40CX680B is actually cheaper at Avensys £399 with a 6 year guarantee!
They also have the panasonic TX50CX680B at £599 with the same guarantee.

parker44's picture

Thanks for other suggestions.

Thanks for other suggestions. LG's 4K version was my choice. Is it a good choice if we want to use android apps and games on it. If I want to play Pokemon Go on my phone, I need to install Tutu Helper app on my Tv. I heard very good reviews about it and it is very quick in loading.

Trickyindia's picture

LG's 4K : The Best Choice Of Customers

When it comes to buying smart hd tv then i prefer to choose LG's and Samsung smart tv's. Because i love to play games on tv. Smart tv allows us to watch movies on youtube, play android games and much more things. I have one Lg smart tv at my home and i have installed drastic ds emulator app on that. Then the games controls are become easy. You have given very nive and honest reviews about tv. Looking to share this awesome smart tv's to my friend circle. So, that they can choose best tv.