BBC will (finally) launch regional HD channels from 21st October

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It’s been a rather long 11 years since BBC One HD launched back in November 2010, and the broadcaster has now confirmed that regional variants of BBC One will be broadcast in HD from 21st October.

What does that mean? Well, for starters, all 12 English regions and another three sub-regions will be available in HD on platforms including Freeview, Freesat, and Sky. That means no more annoying rolling caption advising viewers to retune for their regional news show following the main news at 1pm, 6pm, and 10pm. 

While viewers in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are already enjoying HD versions of BBC One, it’ll be a welcome change for viewers who are fed up with having to grab the remote to swap over.

The new update was spotted by Twitter account @back_the_BBC, who noticed a list of all the regional versions of BBC One for 21st October. Better late than never, we suppose.


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Esat Dedezade
Freelance contributor
  • bristollinnet
    I'm curious to know what their excuse for dragging their heels for so long was?
  • Wales1
    bristollinnet said:
    I'm curious to know what their excuse for dragging their heels for so long was?
    Tory government squeezing the life out of them.
  • djh1697
    Why can we not just have BBC England, I feel discriminated against, why don't they split up the other nations of the UK in the same way?
  • djh1697
    "Tory government squeezing the life out of them."

    I disagree, groups like defund the BBC are causing people to cancel paying the TV tax.
  • Gray
    ...Not long till 8k then :unsure:

    (The sun will burn out before then).
  • Hifiman
    Well, it did not happen on this date after all. At least, not for Freeview channels, which is what we all assumed.
  • D rob
    Didnt happen in London on freeview