To commemorate 90 years in the audio-visual business, Bang & Olufsen has announced it will be releasing six of its current products in a new rose gold finish.

The six products that will receive the new rose gold treatment are: the BeoVision Avant 85 TV (pictured); BeoRemote One; BeoVision 11-46 TV/all-in one entertainment centre; BeoLab 18 speakers (pictured), which also get a new walnut lamella front; BeoPlay H6 headphones and the BeoPlay A9 music system. 

B&O says the rose gold finish is achieved through a unique dyeing process, and reflects the love and attention to detail it's been putting into its products for the past 90 years. 

Marie Kristine Schmidt, VP Brand, Design and Marketing, says: “We see this exclusive collection as a living illustration of the love affair that has lasted from our origin, where the passion and dedication to craftsmanship and quality of two Danish engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen has caught the attention of people all over the world." 

Prices for the Love Affair collection are as follows: BeoVision Avant 85 TV, from £18,195 including the BeoRemote One; standalone BeoRemote One, £235; BeoVision 11-46, £5445 including BeoRemote One and front cover; BeoLab 18 speakers, £5260 per pair including walnut fronts and stand option; BeoPlay A9, £1799 and BeoPlay H6 headphones £349.

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Trefor Patten's picture

Rose Gold Love Affair

Yeugh! How could they do that to those classic Skandi designs? Soon to be seen in WAGs front lounges no doubt.

Big Aura's picture

My friend Olly Gark wants

My friend Olly Gark wants these.

Graham Luke's picture

Have it!

Well classy, innit?

Legacy260's picture

From a pure design standpoint

From a pure design standpoint it is very art deco and 1920's. the colour is very Oscars like but as to how you would fit any of this into your uber stark loft apartment is beyond me. Clearly designed to sell to the favoured few...thankfully not me in these colours.

Graham Luke's picture

Well, the stainless steel

Well, the stainless steel Dualit would have to go.

Anyroads, they'd be a great talking point; you could explain that they're an expression of 'post GFC irony'...