Bang & Olufsen launches 'intelligent and elegant' music server system

beosound 5

Combining digital music storage and streaming with internet radio capability, the 'intelligent and elegant' unit has been designed to open up the music collections of those who can't be bothered to create playlists and organise their digital music archive.

Using a highly intuitive access screen, controlled by that multilayer control to the right, which operates with characteristic B&O silky smoothness, the system allows access by artist, track title and so on.

Nothing much new there - apart, of course, from the style with which the thing operates. But using MOTS (more of the same) software, the player can also build a playlist around just one track you choose, selecting music from the stored collection to fit and complement the mood of the first track chosen.

The system has a 500GB hard disk and is expected to sell for 4000 euros when it goes on sale next March. More details when we get them, but we're off now to find out more about what makes the system tick.

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