AVI Neutron 5 2.1 system
New system combines sub with Neutron 5 speakers, and has built-in DAC, preamp and power amps

On the way from British hi-fi company AVI is a new 2.1-channel speaker system combining a subwoofer - including onboard digital-to-analogue conversion, a six-input preamp and 3x100W amplification - with a pair of two-way satellite speakers.

The Neutron 5 2.1 system can be bought as a package at £1299, or you can buy the subwoofer separately for £900, and the Neutron 5 speakers at £399 a pair.

The two-way Neutron 5 speakers, with their 12.5cm mid/bass unit and 87dB/W/m sensitivity, are already available, and the company says they "were never intended to be alone.

"They were designed as part of of a new system that gets rid of expensive separates boxes, costs a fraction of the price and performs at least as well as a conventional system costing three times the price."

The subwoofer contains a 25cm drive unit, and what the company describes as "the latest Wolfson DAC with a special digital receiver chip that makes jitter negligible, thus rendering it independent of source. Some argue that this DAC is the best made."

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The six-input remote-control preamp has one analogue input and five digital ins: one electrical, three optical and one USB. The USB socket can also output any source to a computer for recording, and a digital display indicates the selected input, volume level and subwoofer set-up.

The Neutron 5 2.1 system goes on sale in March, with the subwoofer in matt black and the Neutron 5 speakers in piano black lacquer.