Audio Technica announces AT-LP3 turntable and wireless headphones

CES season means companies bring out a whole array of new products. Audio Technica is no exception, announcing new headphones and turntables in Las Vegas, on top of the aptX HD wireless headphones the company has already launched.

The AT-LP3 turntable is priced at £200 and will be available this spring. It has a pre-mounted AT91R Dual Moving Magnet phono cartridge, but you can remove the tonearm's headshell to install another moving magnet or moving coil cartridge.

The turntable's phono preamp can also be switched to accommodate either moving magnet or moving coil cartridges.

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Left to right: ATH-LS70i, ATH-SR9, ATH-CKR100i

Left to right: ATH-LS70i, ATH-SR9, ATH-CKR100i

For wireless headphones, Audio Technica is bringing out a pair of on-ears, called the ATH-AR3BT (£125). It has aptX Bluetooth connectivity and NFC functionality, and Audio Technica has designed its in-ear headphones with better wireless functionality over previous versions.

There are also new additions to the Sound Reality range, the ATH-CKR100iS (£340) and the ATH-CKR70iS (£80) in-ear headphones. Each has a range of 40kHz, and so will sport a hi-res audio badge on their boxes.

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Higher up the price range are the ATH-SR9 headphones (£469), with 45mm drivers, carbon-coated diaphragms and oxygen-free copper voice coils that provide a "natural, detailed and spacious" sound.

Each employs multi-driver technology which is claimed to deliver "extraordinary audio quality”.

Finally, there are some new 'Live Sound' headphones; the ATH-LS70iS (£125) and ATH-LS50iS (£80). Trying to "recreate the energy and impact of a live concert", these headphones have a dual symphonic driver which apparently reduces distortion.

The headphones' cable features detachable coaxial connectors, as well as a built-in microphone and playback controls for music and phone calls.

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