Astell & Kern teams up with Jerry Harvey Audio to launch four-strong headphone range

Astell & Kern, best know for its hi-res portable music players such as the Award-winning AK Jr, has once again joined forces with Jerry Harvey Audio to create a bespoke range of in-ear headphones.

There are upgraded MkII versions of the existing Siren Series models: Layla (named after Eric Clapton's famous love song); Roxanne, which takes its name from the song by The Police; and Angie, named after the Rolling Stones classic.

All three are metal clad and have been re-engineered for 2016. Layla II has a body, cap and sound bore machined from a solid block of Titanum, with carbon-fibre inserts, while Roxanne II and Angie II are both made from a solid block of aluminium with carbon-fibre inserts.

There are all-new, proprietary driver designs across the range with adjustable bass, and a range of cable options including a balanced cable with 2.5mm jack suitable for use with Astell & Kern's players featuring a 2.5mm balanced output.

New to the range for 2016 is the 'entry-level' (likely to be around £400) Rosie, named after the AC/DC classic Whole Lotta Rosie.

It features a six-driver design with dual low-, mid- and high-range drivers. Like Roxanne II and Angie II, the body, cap and sound bore are machined from a solid block of aluminium.

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Andy Clough

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