Arcam FMJ T32
If you're in the market for a new tuner for your separates system, you may want to take a look at Arcam's new £500, feature-packed FMJ T32

Having built the world's first DAB tuner and made the best sounding sub-£100 iPod dock we've heard to date, a product from Arcam the unites radio and iPod connectivity certainly has us interested.

The FMJ T32 does just that, combining DAB/DAB+/AM/FM tuners with a dedicated interface once an iPod is connected using the company's r-Dock or r-Lead cable.

Building on the existing FMJ T31, the new model supports DAB+ to hopefully ensure it's future-proof for any possible changes to the DAB system in the UK.

Elsewhere there's a Wolfson 8740 DAC as used in Arcam's DVD players, plus Burr Brown OPA2134 output op-amps and separate power supplies for the digital and analogue sections.

There's a large, clear VFD display, which delivers scrolling DAB text and RDS info plus all your iPod tracks and playlists.

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Available in black or silver, the Arcam FMJ T32 will retail for around £500.




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