Arcam airDAC and irDAC release date and prices confirmed

Arcam airDAC

Launched at CES, the Arcam airDAC is the latest model in Arcam's mini DAC range, designed to bring AirPlay streaming to your hi-fi. It is joined by the irDAC, which adds IR control, plus tweaks to the power supply and circuitry.

Arcam has told us the irDAC will be released in mid-June while the airDAC should go on sale around mid-July. Both new DACs will cost £400 each.

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The Arcam airDAC be connected wirelessly or wired via ethernet, has RCA analogue audio outputs, includes a high-end Texas Instruments 24-bit DAC and has ultra low noise power supplies.

What's more, there are coaxial and optical digital inputs so you can hook up an even better DAC such as the Arcam D33 to improve performance even further.

Once connected, the Arcam airDAC allows you to stream music from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your hi-fi system. It will go on in mid-July with a price tag of £400.

Also new from Arcam is the £400 irDAC, an upgraded version of the Arcam rDAC. Arcam has added IR control, tweaked the power supply and added circuit design technologies from the company's high-end D33 DAC.

The asynchronous USB input enables the irDAC to re-clock the incloming signal "for greater detail retrieval and a wider soundstage", says Arcam. Multiple inputs include an iPod direct connection.

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Written by Joe Cox

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