The smartphone market is no stranger to fierce competition between the major manufacturers, with the likes of Apple, Samsung and others battling to introduce the next "must-have" flagship handset.

It's with that in mind that you might raise an eyebrow to a report from South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper, which claims that Samsung could have a role in the success of Apple's next iPhone.

According to the newspaper, Samsung Electronics has been signed up by the Cupertino giant to be the main supplier of processors that'll be used to power the next generation of the iPhone.

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It's believed that Samsung will be responsible for around three-quarters of the chip production – but it's not clear how much that contract will be worth and nor do we know who'll provide the rest.

The newspaper cited anonymous sources within the semi-conductor industry, although Reuters has reported that neither Apple nor Samsung have confirmed the reports at this stage.

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Apple will no doubt have high hopes for the next iPhone, with the latest – the iPhone 6 – picking up a Product of the Year gong at our Awards 2014. But which device will come out on top in 2015?

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[via Reuters]


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Non story.

Non story.

Apple have always used Samsung built processors in their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch models since 2007 without stop.  (Except for the A8 and A8X that were made by TSMC just since last September.)

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Non story

As Chebby says the interesting bit is that whilst both companies were busy launching suits and counter-suits at each other for mobile patent issues seemingly every month some time ago they were cheerfully doing business on the chips

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For clarity, Apple design their own chips and then get several makers, Samsung included, to make them exclusively for Apple.

This is how Apple was able to be the first phonemaker to get the world's first 64 bit ARM phone (iPhone 5s) running a 64 bit OS and 64 bit Apps to market 18 months before any Android phone. - And yes, Samsung also made that chip (A7) for Apple, to Apple's design.