Another Netflix price hike could be coming soon

Another Netflix price hike could be coming soon
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Netflix's next big premiere is... another price hike. Possibly. The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix will soon increase the price of its advert-free tiers. But the higher prices probably won't come in for a few months yet, as the streamer is reportedly waiting for the Hollywood writers' and actors' strike to be long finished before making any moves.

This is likely so it can have plenty of exciting content to unveil in order to justify the price hike. Rising prices with nothing in the pipe is never a good look.

The publications' sources say the rise will likely affect the US and Canada first. But as with previous rises, the rest of the world will likely follow. 

There's no word on how much extra the streamer will charge. We've contacted Netflix for comment.

In July, Netflix CFO Spence Neumann told investors that the streamer was at least a year away from any prices rises in major markets like the US.

Prices have been on a steady upwards trajectory for all streamers in recent years. Netflix last raised its prices in January 2022. Disney+, Discovery+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime (encompassing Prime Video) have all got more expensive in the last 18 months or so.

Streamers are also finding new ways to increase revenue. Both ad-supported tiers and clamping down on password sharing are techniques pioneered by Netflix and since taken up by rival services like Disney+.

Looks like streaming is only going to get more expensive...


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