Amazon PS5 restock sells out in minutes – more on the way?

Amazon tipped for a PS5 restock this week – here's how to buy one
(Image credit: Amazon / Sony)

As predicted, Amazon came through with a PS5 restock yesterday. The PS5 disc and Digital Edition consoles have already sold out – but there's a rumour Amazon could drop again in two weeks, around 9th March.  

There's no word on how many PS5 units Amazon will have, so you'll need to act fast. Read on and we'll reveal three simple tricks that could boost your chances of success during the next Amazon PS5 restock...

Firstly, join Amazon Prime (using this 30-day free Prime trial if needs be). Members get priority access to PS5 stock.

Secondly, add the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition to your shopping cart ahead of time. It'll boost your chance of making it to the checkout before others.

Thirdly, buy an Amazon virtual gift card for the amount of the PS5 you're buying. That way, it rules out any potential hold-ups between Amazon and your bank.

Looking for US stock? Walmart+ members will be treated to a PS5 and Xbox Series X restock today, 24th February.

Head over to our PS5 restock news page for all the latest tips and buying advice. Struggling to understand why Sony is still short of stock? Here's why you can't find a PS5.


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