The new Fire TV box supports 4K Ultra HD content from Amazon and Netflix and is available to pre-order from today for £80. There's also a new Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote costing £45.

The new Amazon Fire TV box claims to be more powerful and faster than its predecessor, while also promising better wi-fi performance. 

There's also now a microSD card slot for adding up to 128GB of storage to the 8GB storage inside, plus support for the new HEVC codec to improve 4K and 1080p HD video performance, and an HDMI 2.0 connection. Amazon has however removed the digital audio optical output.

But the headline-grabbing news is that support for 4K Ultra HD video, with Amazon boasting that its new Fire TV box will deliver "more 4K Ultra HD movies than any other streaming player".

Amazon Instant Video and Netflix are on board, both of which offer a growing selection of films and TV shows in 4K.

As well as Amazon and Netflix content, the box supports apps including BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Sky News, Spotify, YouTube and more. Alongside 4K video, Dolby audio is also on board.

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The new Fire TV 4K box will go on sale for £80 and is available to pre-order now.

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Apple may have given plenty of time to launching its new Apple TV at the Apple event this week but the lack of 4K support was something of a let down (not to mention the removal of the optical audio output). Now Amazon has stepped into the breach.

The existing Fire TV majors on Amazon's own content, so it makes sense for the new box to support the 4K video on Amazon Instant Video. Amazon has also adopted HDR video on some of its shows, showing the company's eagerness to adopt the latest video technology.

Also upgraded is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which now comes with Voice Remote, a voice-controlled remote control which can search content by movie, TV show, actor, director, or genre.

The new Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is also available to pre-order now and costs £45.

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Mark Rose-Smith's picture

I for one will be holding on

I for one will be holding on to the old one then for the optical out capability . It's a great cost effective way of streaming Spotify connect to my dac and on to the amp.why are amazon and apple both ditching the optical out on their new media streaming boxes?

Minkey1's picture

Probably because they think

Probably because they think folks with most new-ish AV kit will take sources in via HDMI?

Readingfan's picture

Very disappointed

I have just had Amazon streaming removed from my Samsung tv! 

and was advised to buy Amazon Fire at a discount only a few days ago it arrived and I set it up , it works fine , but now there is a full price 4K version only a couple of weeks later! 

I would have happily waited and bought the full price 4K version

dont their sales team know anything !!

im now an even more fed up Amazon customer who feels he has wasted his money !!



Minkey1's picture

Same here...

...the original offer was a half price Fire TV (when the full price was discounted anyway), then after Fire TV was sold out (or taken off the shelves) a further offer just this week out of a Stick at £25.

Like you, no mention of new kit.

I'm pretty anti at the moment, to the point where I might cancel Prime at renewal. 95% of our IPTV watching is Netflix or Now TV anyway. 

Readingfan's picture

It's a shame

I agree with Minkey1

I find Amazon to be poor at customer service generally from a personal perspective, and Netflix looks superior to me now , so I'll save my £79 a year prime subscription and I will probably invest in Apple TV instead once they add the UHD to their kit Smile