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Amazon Black Friday: save $40 on impressive record player... if you're quick

Amazon Black Friday: save 40% on impressive record player today only
(Image credit: Fluance)

The Black Friday sale is well under way (you can find the best Black Friday deals here), and set to be among the most impressive are Amazon's Lightning deals, which by definition only last a short amount of time – often just a few hours. And this excellent record player Black Friday deal is one of them.

From now until 11:25am (PT) and 2:25pm (ET), the Fluance RT81 record player is $40 off at Amazon, now just $209.96 (opens in new tab)

For a budget turntable it is very good, offering a solid, weighty and rhythmically capable presentation and an attractive build. Even at its full price we called it an "instantly likeable deck".

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Fluance RT81 record player $250 $209.96 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Fluance RT81 is a likeable deck that can be easily upgraded, either with an improved phono stage or cartridge. If you covet a warm, solid-sounding turntable with plenty of musical talent, this could be the deal for you.

So far, record player deals have been far and few between, but if you're after an attractive, decent-sounding player for around the $200 mark, you only need there to be this one!

The RT81 is the more expensive of a pair of turntables offered by Fluance - and certainly it looks, and feels, the part. It uses the reliable Audio Technica AT95E cartridge, and has a built-in phono amp so that it can be connected straight to an amplifier or pair of powered speakers. In fact, it's very close to plug-and-play, save for attaching cartridge, belt and platter. Most importantly, it sounds good too.

The Fluance is sonically bettered by the Award-winning Audio Technica AT-LP5 (currently on sale for $379 (opens in new tab)) and Sony PS-HX500 (currently discounted to $248 (opens in new tab)), but if they're out of budget, this Fluance is a great option as a first turntable or an upgrade from a beginners' suitcase-style player.


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Becky Roberts
Becky Roberts

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