A trio of five-star AudioQuest DragonFly USB DACs are on sale this Black Friday

AudioQuest DragonFly family
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AudioQuest's DragonFly range of USB DACs took the hi-fi world by storm when it was first released: never had we seen such capable DAC performance packed into a tidy USB design that plugs in oh-so conveniently to your laptop. 

They're the simplest and best way to boost your laptop- or computer-based music listening into a much higher quality - you just need equally capable wired headphones and you've got a genuine compact hi-fi system.

Luckily, you can make great savings on the current trio of DragonFly USB DACs – all five stars – in today's Black Friday sales. They're at their lowest prices ever at Sevenoaks and Richer Sounds. If you're looking for a quick and dirty way to enjoy music without breaking the bank, this might be your golden ticket to better digital sound.

See below for the specific deals on each model.

AudioQuest DragonFly Black  was £99 (opens in new tab)

AudioQuest DragonFly Black was £99 now £79 at Sevenoaks (save £20) (opens in new tab)
Better sound doesn't come smaller or cheaper than this. We love the way the logo lights up with different colours to show sample rate - a trait found on all DragonFly DACs. Use it instead of the headphone output on your computer for an immediate musical boost. It supports hi-res tracks up to 24-bit/192kHz, too. Now at lowest-ever price of £79. Five stars

was £199 (opens in new tab)

AudioQuest DragonFly Red was £199 now £149 at Sevenoaks (save £50) (opens in new tab)
Don't be fooled: the Red's hi-res 24-bit/96kHz support may be the same as the much cheaper model (above), but it does have a higher voltage output (2.1v). This makes all the difference, as it's better suited to driving more demanding headphones. You'll notice improved weight and texture to your tunes, combined with a natural and subtle sound. Save £50 off the price in today's Black Friday deal. Five stars

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt  was £299 (opens in new tab)

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt was £299 now £219 at Sevenoaks (save £80) (opens in new tab)
At its lowest price yet, the Cobalt packs in an advanced DAC chip and more processing speed, taking performance to another level. It supports hi-res and MQA files, and offers even more impressive clarity and precision, improved timing and dynamics, and a wide-open soundstage. What Hi-Fi? Award winner
Same £219 price at Richer Sounds (opens in new tab)


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