The 65-inch Samsung S95B QD-OLED is down to £1549 plus £200 cashback

65in Samsung S95B QD-OLED down to £1549 plus £200 cashback
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Here's a top deal on a top TV. Samsung's 65-inch S95B has dropped from £2999 to just £1549 at Sonicdirect – a saving of £1450.

Not only that, there's an extra £200 cashback available from Samsung. Merry Christmas indeed.

Samsung QE65S95B deal

Samsung QE65S95B£2999£1549 at Sonicdirect (save £1450)

Samsung QE65S95B £2999 £1549 at Sonicdirect (save £1450)
Samsung's first QD-OLED TV earned five stars from us. It combines a spectacularly vibrant and dynamic picture and peerless viewing and angles with excellent gaming support to make a televisual feast for the eyes and ears. Factor in the additional £200 cashback and now it's now better than half price.

The S95B is Samsung's first QD-OLED TV, and what a stunner it is. Its panel combines the self-emissive pixels of OLED with the Quantum Dot colour system previously associated with QLED to deliver more brightness and, especially, colour volume than regular OLED panels can manage.

It's powered by a specially adapted version of Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K, complete with elements devoted to boosting brightness and colour, enhancing perceived resolution and improving upscaling of sub-4K content.

But the screen isn't the only weapon in its arsenal. It's also got an impressive array of connections, including four HDMI 2.1 ports that are able to cope with the 4K/120HzVRR and ALLM features of the PS5Xbox Series X and certain top-end Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Add three USB ports and all the usual Bluetooth and wi-fi features you’d expect of a high-end TV these days – including support for SmartThings and Apple AirPlay 2 – and you've got quite the proposition.

Its contrast is off the chart. Blacks are typically inky as you would expect from a standard OLED screen, but it goes much brighter than that technology usually allows. It outdoes even Sony's A95K (another QD-OLED TV) in this regard. All of which makes it worth £1549 of anyone's money.


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    What Hi-Fi? said:
    There's a huge saving on Samsung's 65-inch S95B, its first QD-OLED TV – a saving of £1450. Should help pay for Christmas.
    How is spending £1349 going to help pay for Christmas? Not spending £1349 might help...