• Jamo A 200 HCS 5
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It won’t upset the class-leaders, but it’s a gutsy and entertaining sound at this price
Good surround sound and decent detail definition
Warm, smooth sound
Brawny sub
Could do with more agility and precision
The treble shines a little too brightly
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If you’re looking for home cinema sound but have limited space, it’s worth giving this Jamo A 200 HCS 5 speaker package some attention.

It’s a 5.1 system from Danish loudspeaker company Jamo, a tidy system that’s compact enough to fit into most modest-sized rooms, it’s also attractively priced.

Jamo A 200 HCS 5 review: Set-upThe Jamo package consists of five identical A 200 satellite speakers, each containing a 75mm mid-driver and a 25mm tweeter under the patterned grille.

The curved satellites are light and slim, so they look neat whether wall-mounted or propped up on dedicated metal stands. The accompanying subwoofer, the SUB 210, has a hefty 200W powering a 20cm driver.   First things first: this system does need quite a few days of running in. Out of the box it sounds bright and harsh – it settles in after a weekend’s use, but that treble does retain a hint of shimmer.

Jamo A 200 HCS 5 review: Sound qualityPlay the Blu-ray of Pixar’s latest film, Brave, and you’ll find the Jamo system an entertaining listen: full-bodied, with an easy-going approach that lets you just sit back and enjoy the film.

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The satellite/subwoofer integration is great, and the set-up is more than capable of whizzing sound effects across the room.

While dialogue is direct, voices do sound a tad muffled, and there’s a thickness to the sound that class-leaders such as the elegant-sounding Q Acoustics Q7000 avoid.

Jamo A 200 HCS 5 review: SubwooferThe strongest point of this system is that subwoofer. The SUB 210 may look unassuming, but it’s a muscular and brawny affair that goes into the low frequencies deep enough to deliver the bear growls with satisfying rumble and aggression.

A little more tautness would go a long way, but the sub underpins the whole system.

It’s some way from perfect, but if you’re looking for a small and budget-friendly 5.1 package, you’ll find this Jamo system a treat.

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