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Revo Mondo Vs Squeezebox

Its a longshot but has anyone had the chance to compare these two side-by-side or anyone who knows more about hi-fi than I do (not hard) guess which one performs best?

The Revo is £100 compared to £160 for the squeezebox and given that I plan to use a dacmagic would there be any comparable difference between the two?

My main purpose is to access internet radio through my hi fi without having to connect the laptop to the hi fi.

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Re: Revo Mondo Vs Squeezebox

Not had a chance to compare side by side, but I didn't think the Revo Mondo had a digital out to connect a DAC to?

I own a Squeezebox, and I find it a little painful listening to the radio as I dont find the radio interface very intuative.  As the Revo is just an internet radio it may be much easier to use.  That said, for an extra £60 you get a lot more with a squeezebox.

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