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Cable piping..?

Hi - Im having some work done on the lounge which is my reason for putting in a home cinema system.  I want to put some cable piping in so should I need to change the cables / wiring from the screen I can - but is cable pipe the right term - is there such a thing as AV pipe as opposed to any old sort of tubing?  (Im trying to google a few sources)

 Any advice would really welcome



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Re: Cable piping..?

Conduit. Or sometimes trunking.

No specific AV kinds AFAIK - just use a type designed for normal cabling.


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Re: Cable piping..?

Just use standard conduit from wicks or similar, but it might be worth putting 2 conduits in side by side so that you can use 1 to feed the power cable up, and the other to put your interconnect cables in, this will reduce interference and you could also run them to separate locations (1 to your AV amp or DVD player, and the other direct to the power outlet). The conduit is not very expensive (try the metal conduit for extra shielding of your cables) just the cost of fitting it (re-plastering, redecorating etc), but since you are doing that anyway, the cost difference should be minimal.

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