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Which Rotel Amp?

Hello All, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I've recently bought a Rega Planar 2 to enjoy vinyl again. What would be the better option for listening to vinyl and CD; RA-971 MkII and RQ-970BX or an RA-01?

The purchase of the RA-01 was supposed to be financed by the sale of the RA-971 MkII that I've owned from new, but now it comes to it I've got cold feet! I was considering the RQ-970BX, but went for the RA-01 out of my impatience to hear the Rega as the RQ-970BX doesn't seem to come around too often. Now I might wait for the RQ-970BX and sell the RA-01. Or would something else completely different have been a better bet?

My other kit is equally non-stellar: Celestion 3 MkII's, QED Balanced Design Concept cables, Chord Interconnects and a Technics SL-PS670A CD Player (soon to be replaced by an Arcam CD62 I hope).


Thanks in advance.