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Panasonic TH-42PZ70B / 700 NTSC Playback....


I have just had to cancel an order with a local dealer for a Panny 42PX700 (that's a whole different rant) and I have started looking for another new tv.  The PZ700 caught my eye with it's full hd panel, but then I was shown a PZ70B which comes in a lot cheaper yet offers what I think is just about the same features.  The only thing I have spotted in the spec list that could be a problem is that the PZ70B lists its receiving system as PAL -I & DVB, whilst the PZ700 lists it as receiving PAL -I, DVB; AV-NTSC: PAL-525/60, NTSC, M-NTSC.

 So my question (finally) is, will the PZ70B accept and show pictures from my multi region dvd player or am I going to have to find a suitable model that receives those NTSC signals.

Thanks in advance for any comments or answers

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Re: Panasonic TH-42PZ70B / 700 NTSC Playback....

The 70 spec is referring to the built-in tuner - I've yet to come across a current screen that won't handle NTSC from a multiregion player, so no need to worry...

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Re: Panasonic TH-42PZ70B / 700 NTSC Playback....

Thanks for that, looks like I will be ordering a PZ70B in the not so distant future Smile 

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