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Nagaoka Cartidges V Goldring?
Seen some debate here on good/bad cartridges and
wondered if anyone had any knowledge/opinions on Nagaoka cartridges
(particularly the MP200)


I've just had a nasty mishap and annihilated the
stylus on my Goldring 2500 and since replacements are close to the full
cartridge price I thought I'd perhaps try something different (I'm starting to
feel a bit boring having used Goldring cartridges for the last 20 years).


Also, although I do (did!) like the sound of the
2500 this is the second time I've lost a stylus with it in 12 months - something
that never happened with the 1012s & 1022s I used for 18 years prior to
getting the 2500. I did ask the dealer whether the 2500 was especially delicate
but he tactfully indicated it was more likely that it was me being especially


Also wonder if anyone has a view on how the
Goldring 1042 compares to the 2500 - in case I decide I am too dull to switch
brand. Kit wise I use a Systemdek IIX900 with a RB250 (plus Origin mods) &
Trichord Dino phono amp - which I'm generally pretty happy with.


Any thoughts much appreciated (NB I'm new here so
apologies if something similar has been debated before)

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Re: Nagaoka Cartidges V Goldring?

OK now you've got me worried, I just bought a 2400 and can't afford to replace it every few months! Was it a gaffe on your part or did they fail on their own?

I can't give any info on your 1042 vs 2500, I know they have similar stylus' ,analogue seduction says the 1042 has a gyger s and the 2500 a gyger 2 SD. I 've only heard the 1042 and that was on a guys youtube account ( search for markPMus or 'Rega P5 Plays Thriller') where he plays Thriller with a 1042 on a Rega P5, sounds very good.

I know this doesn't help much but I thought I'd reply anyway, gotta do something on a Sunday.

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Re: Nagaoka Cartidges V Goldring?

CM - Thanks for the response - you're making me do something therapeutic - which is admit that the mishap was pretty much down to me - just part of me (the part that pays the bills) thinks its strange that after all the years of late night post pub usage without damage I then total two expensive stylus (styli?) when I'm being sober and sensible.

To be fair to Goldring the stylus didn't just fail, I was at the scene of the crime. I'm not entirely sure how I did it - this last time I think I caught it on my jumper reaching behind the turntable. If I was trying to make myself feel better I'd say the design makes the stylus a bit exposed to such incidents. If I'd had an old style Goldring 1000 series stylus I would probably have dropped the stylus guard down - but I find the guard on the 2500 is a pain to attach - such that you feel that you're as likely to damage the stylus putting the damn thing on.

So having accepted that I'm one of those ham fisted people I thought I'd look at something else of quality - but perhaps less susceptible to clumsy blokes like me. I did like the clear detailed sound of the 2500 - and on that basis the Nagaoka seemed to fit the bill - and was recommended to me by a dealer -  but I thought I'd seek opinions from those without a financial motive . . .

I'm sure if you're a careful chap you'll be ok - forewarned is forearmed.

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Re: Nagaoka Cartidges V Goldring?

Thanks for the reassurance on the cartridge, if it makes you feel better I manged to drop and scratch a Modern Jazz Quartet record just as I was about to play it for the first time the other day, so we all have our moments.

You say you want detailed sound, have you looked at the at 440 mla? heard good things about it in terms of detail and tracking and it has a handy flip down stylus guard! ahaha  Smile

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Re: Nagaoka Cartidges V Goldring?


Thanks CM - I'll do some digging/research on that one too - not something I'd previously considered - but must admit stylus guards have certainly come way up in my estimation (!), so that might swing it. Do you know if its suited to any particulary musical style? My tastes are pretty wide ranging - so wanted to go with a cartridge that was happy with all styles.

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Re: Nagaoka Cartidges V Goldring?

Just before you take anything i say too seriously, I've only been into vinyl for less than a year so I'm definitely not the oracle on things.

I mentioned the Audio Technica because it's had good write ups and the word detailed sprung up. Praise went to it's very good tracking ability minimizing inner groove distortion, search Google for it and you'll probably find a video of a (I'm guessing by the accent Italian or Spanish(?)) guy saying how much he likes it, if I remember rightly he went on about guitars sounding good with the cart and the Microline stylus getting deeper into old record grooves revealing music lost by previous wear. He also said it was more suited to rock pop and he liked to use another cart for jazz, classical, I think it was a Shure m90(??), so on second thoughts might not be for you.

As a result of the reviews the price has gone to 150 plus ish, I think when it came out it was half that in price. So whether it would be on a par with the  carts you're looking at, as I said I'm no expert.

I remember people saying it was too bright others said it was just detailed treble.

I was going to get one but the bright comments and the fact the price had gone up so much put me off and I went for the 2300 (got sent the 2400, but I'm not complaining)Zip it!

Hopefully one of the experts on these things will give you a proper idea of whats what.

Just a thought but Denon do a Moving Coil cart for that kind of money (DL-110), if you fancy a punt at the world of Moving Coil to see what they're all about (Assuming Nagaoka's aren't MC).

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