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Gaggia Cubika - kaput?

Hello - I posted this on a coffee forum, but so far I've had no responses - then I thought of you lot!

As many of you are technically minded and clever, perhaps someone can help...

My coffee machine is playing up and I need some advice. I've got a 5 year old Gaggia Cubika that's stopped making espresso(http://static.productreview.com.au/pr.products/gaggia-cubika_4df9a430117fa.jpg)

What happens:
I turn it on and, as requested by the manufacturer's instructions, pump a cup of water through the shower head to prime it – that works fine. But when it reaches temperature, nothing (or the slightest trickle) goes through.
The pump makes noise, but the noise on the initial flush-through is louder (and rattle-ier, if that makes sense), but when it reaches temperature it has a more muted hum/pump noise.
The frothing wand works fine. I've cleaned the shower plate, and removed/cleaned the little spring from the centre of the grouphead concealed beneath the shower plate.
I do live in a very hard water area (South London), but I also run a de-scaler cycle every few months. I've done so about 15 times over the past week, trying to dislodge any blockage.
This would sound like a text-book "calc-up", but for the fact that it passes water when cold, but not when hot.
And even if heating up expanded something to cause a blockage – it's odd that it wouldn't have been dealt with due to the number of descale cycles I've run.
Gaggia UK do repairs but it will cost £28 for courier fees, plus £50 for them to look at it. I don't want to spend £78 to find that I need to buy a new machine that only cost £120 new.

Any ideas?? Thanks for reading, BA