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Online storage and sharing

hey everybody!

I am looking for a way to storage files online in one place.

Since we are three "project managers" and a couple of downloaders I need to upload and download fast and without waiting time. Apart from that these files are part of our business and therefore it has to be encrypted to be save and sure. 

Can anyone of you propose something?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Online storage and sharing

I use Dropbox.



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RE: Online storage and sharing

Is this your own company, or are you part of a larger company? If the second, make sure your IT department don't have a policy against using systems like these. There are very good reasons for not storing company confidential documents on cloud storage (even if it's encrypted) so just make sure you know the rules - you don't want to be facing difficult questions from HR on why you broke the corporate IT security policy!

If it's your company, then I personally would use one of the big players (like Dropbox, Microsoft's SkyDrive or Google Drive) and I'd use your own encryption software i.e. not one provided by the online storage company just to be sure you know it's as safe as possible. PGP Desktop is a good one that I know of.


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RE: Online storage and sharing

Thanks for you comments!

It is my company so unfortunately I have to do it myself Smile

I thought about dropbox, but some friends had problems with it (they lost their files for a couple of days) and I cannot afford something like that, so I was thinking that I am also prepared to pay an amount in order to have my files in a total secure place.

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RE: Online storage and sharing

Google Apps with Google Drive - 5GB free





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RE: Online storage and sharing

Have you considered using a NAS like the Synology range.  This would allow you store the files at a local site but also allow access from anywhere in the world via password control.

Synology provide utilities to make it easy and even provide automatic synch and backup facilities.  It also means that file sizes are only limited by the size of the drive you install.
You can also use the NAS for you to each have your own private storage areas that are also password controlled.  Synology also allows music /picture streaming to anybody logged in.

Of course Dropbox etc are free for basic storage whilst the NAS route could be £2-300 to get started.

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RE: Online storage and sharing

Well, I've never had any troubles with the Dropbox, it worked fine all the time.

A friend of mine is still using Rapidshare. He has a prepaid account, which he gets over Paysafecard, if I'm not mistaken.

But I've never used something like that for the business purposes.

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RE: Online storage and sharing

The disadvantages of a NAS-based solution are that maintence and backup are your responsibility, where a cloud-based set-up devolves those kind of boring essentials to the supplier.

Another thing you should seriously consider before you decide on a solution is the kind of data you will store. Is it customer information? Bank account details? Personal? What are the risks if you cannot access the data? What are your contingencies? What are the risks to you and your customers if the cloud security is compromised and someone else, accidentally or otherwise, accesses, modifies or deletes some or all of the data? You need to consider all these things before you decide what the best solution is.

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