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Sky dislikes Sonos?

Dearly beloved....

I have recently moved my whole tv/calls/fibre to Sky from Virgin. Since moving, i have had a shed load of issues with my Sonos set-up.

These issues include drop-outs (like they're going out of fashion), 'loss' of zones, complete shutting down of connection to the controller, loss of connection to Spotify (so much so that i have deleted it from my system, tried to re-install it but cannot, as Sonos cannot see it).

I bought a Sky Wifi Booster from fleabay, hoping this might help, but not a chance. It's as if the Sky router has a major problem with the Sonos system . It ran like clockwork with Virgin's SuperHub, but i had to change because the whole Tivo GUI was flaky at best, and unresponsive most of the time.

I have full wifi signal throughout my house, with no dropouts and such with any of the 3 iPhones, iPad and laptop we have whilst using other applications/browsers/email etc..

Hugely frustrated, i will be on the phone to Sky towers this afternoon, but thought i would throw it out there incase any of you learned fellows may have had similar experiences.


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RE: Sky dislikes Sonos?

So, when you swapped out your router you did remember to shut down and reboot EVERYTHING that's attached to it right? That means ALL Sonos devices, any PCs, NAS devices, all wireless clients (phones, laptops etc), everything, otherwise you're guaranteed to get IP address clashes, which is almost certainly what you're seeing now.

Failing that you need to check that the Sky router isn't trying to use the same wireless channel as your Sonos, you need to put them on one of channels 1, 6 or 11 (different channel for the router and Sonos obviously) and make sure the router isn't using wideband, 300Mb/s, turbo mode or anything like that as that'll hog pretty much every available channel.

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RE: Sky dislikes Sonos?

i use sky and haven't had any problems

LHC seems to be the sonos wizard around here so would use his info above to rectify the problem

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