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Oppo 105 and DSD playback

Having found out the latest update to the Oppo 105 enables the facility to play DSD files via the front-mounted USB port I decided to look around to find some sites to get music in this format.
I found Blue Coast Records to be an excellent site for a variety of genre downloads.
I particularly like the guitar work of Tony Furtado and will be visiting the site on a more regular basis in future. Link below:-



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RE: Oppo 105 and DSD playback

You may find something of interest here to test your oppo, although i think it is all classical.


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RE: Oppo 105 and DSD playback

There are three items on the Oppo website by David Elias that are good tasters. The multi-channel mix of "Morning Light, Western Town" is a good one. Also a comparison of the tracks recorded in different formats, and a video thingy. Confirms Oppo player settings to be used - worth a look.




Happy listening!

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